Tips on Searching for Jobs in Radiology

Whether you’re just starting out in your radiology career or looking for a new radiology position, navigating the job market can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. As you embark on your search, you may be wondering, “where do I start?”

This post will help answer that question. Below you’ll find a list of top sources for radiology job opportunities to kickstart your career quest.

Radiological Societies

Many radiological societies both advertise positions in their journals and offer independent online employment boards. Some of the top sites are hosted by the ACR, RSNA, and ARRS.

The ACR Career Center is considered by many to be the premier online provider of career resources for the radiology community. The site boasts a slick interface and over 400 new job postings monthly, which job seekers can browse for free. The site offers access to career-building resources, job search tips and tools, as well as “featured learning opportunities.” Users can also upload a CV for potential employers to view nationwide.

The ARRS Career Center currently lists close to 900 job postings and at first glance, the set-up appears similar to a site like Monster or Indeed. In addition to the massive number of job opportunities, the site offers employment-related services such as reference checking, resume writing, career coaching, and “customized learning content.” For radiologists-in-training, a dedicated section provides a variety of resources and platforms to help you advance your career.

RSNA’s Career Connect has a simple and straightforward appeal. Search available radiology jobs or fellowships, and post your resume so employers can check out your experience. You can also create a search agent to receive notifications as positions become available.

Private sites offers a comprehensive nationwide job board that’s specifically tailored for radiology and all radiology subspecialties. The site has the largest user-base for radiology jobs on the web and posts employment opportunities in every radiology related field. The focus is entirely on job opportunities, providing a database of the most current postings and active job seekers. is a popular resource for trainees. While they list fewer job postings compared to other sites, they also provide additional helpful information from their annual salary survey.

Search firms

Search firms (a.k.a. “headhunters”) specialize in recruitment and placement, providing personalized attention to help job seekers find a position that’s the right fit. As part of their services, a healthcare recruiter or “search consultant” will do the legwork involved in the search process for you. Recruiters may also have expertise about current trends in your field and can help you identify a road map to reach your career objectives. Obviously, they make money by making matches between candidates and employers; if you go this route, it may be wise to do your homework on the organization. Merritt Hawkins and Radiology Business Solutions are two well-known search firms.

“Old-fashioned” methods

One strategy is to fetch your local newspaper, grab a pen, open the classified section… just kidding. In this case, finding a job the “old-fashioned” way means through personal connections. For trainees, talking to faculty members and peers can be helpful in finding a fellowship or job. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and help in connecting with potential employers. Networking at societal conferences (one might say, literal social networking) or through social media and cultivating a variety of contacts are strategies that are still highly effective. Many radiology jobs are communicated through word of mouth and employment opportunities are frequently found through personal connections and never formally advertised.

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